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top ten theories about Hitlers death

Humanity had and still has many controversial personalities whose lives continue to fascinate us even after their deaths. They remain large in our memories and no matter how many years have passed, some people continue to believe they are still alive and among us. Adolf Hitler is certainly one personality whose death continues to be shrouded in mystery. So vast and so intense was his reign that people always found a place for conspiracy theories and fictional plotlines. Some of the conspiracy theories are quite practical; some are quite romantic, while others are absolutely fantastic. No matter what people believe, these conspiracy theories keep Hitler’s death shrouded in mystery with some saying that he actually escaped and others saying that he died a death worthy of some of the greatest war criminals. Here are some of the theories about how Adolf Hitler died (or where he actually went after pretending to have died).


Hitler bought the Moon


If you ever ask what is common between a conspiracy theorist and a lover, chances are that you will get a very quaint answer – the moon. The moon has had a primary role in some of the main conspiracy theories being bandied around and it comes into more prominence when there is a death involved. Regarding Hitler, some theorists say that Hitler was way ahead of his time and even of NASA. He was said to have found out ways to prepare a secret bunker on the moon and escaped to it when things became too hot on Earth; much like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson that are also rumored to have a residence on the moon!


Hitler went with the Gray Aliens into outer space


This is another interesting theory about Hitler’s life and death. It is said that the gray aliens approached Hitler and made him a proposal of world control, offering him technological advances and supremacy in exchange for an opportunity to achieve their goal of establishing a legitimate presence on Earth. Some theorists are convinced that when the Allied forces ultimately defeated the Nazi’s plans of world domination, Hitler went away with the Gray Aliens to an unknown place in the Universe. Perhaps to learn some new nasty alien techniques and come back later shooting lasers from his eyes and fireballs from his arse? That is a scary thought indeed!

More about it

The Gray's agenda

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Hitler cloned himself


If one Hitler is bad enough, how about a host of little Hitlers going around the world? There is a conspiracy theory saying that Hitler cloned himself with the help of his mad scientist Dr. Josef Mengele. This theory has gained substance with the tangible proof that Hitler was quite interested in biotechnology and gave a free hand to his researchers for their ‘medical experiments’ done, of course, on the hapless Jews. The body found at the bunker was just one of his clones while Hitler himself was at an undisclosed location during the Berlin invasion. Not exactly about this theory but also not far from it is the 1978 movie The Boys from Brazil, covering a plot of creating a Fourth Reich by attempting to clone the Führer.


Hitler escaped to Argentina


Fueled by the fact that several high ranking individuals of the Nazi Regime did escape to Argentina, including Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele, this theory tells us that Hitler went onboard U-boat U977 and, together with U-boat U-530, departed on a journey from Norway to Southern Argentina that took two and a half months. Reports of Hitler and Eva Braun sightings in Argentina made front covers on newspapers from all over the world leading to an exhaustive investigation from the U.S. that resulted in an inconclusive report of over 700 pages. Some people believe this theory to be the real deal and that Hitler, together with his wife, lived happily ever after in some hidden away Argentinean hacienda.

More about it

Documentary on this theory

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Hitler went underground


Based on the fact that Hitler was inside his Berlin Bunker at the time of the last Allied bombings, there seemed to be only one way out for the Führer - underground! Hitler planned an escape route should defeat ever come. For him, surrender was not an option and neither was suicide! Instead, he navigated through an underground tunnel to a remote airstrip, got on an unmarked plane, and flew all the way to the South Pole. From there, he entered the hollow Earth through the South Pole entrance. The origin of this theory lies in the fact that some of Hitler's top advisors - possibly even Hitler himself - believed that the Earth was hollow. There were even expeditions by the Nazis to exploit that belief for strategic advantage throughout the war. Some proponents of the hollow Earth theory accept this scenario of Hitler’s escape as a fact.

More about it


Hitler died of Parkinson's disease


Some conspiracy theorists make us happy by creating a picture where Hitler was finally reduced to a trembling, almost rigid person with the mood swings of a woman at her worst PMS, shambling through a burnt, destroyed, and pillaged Nazi Regime because he was inflicted by Parkinson’s disease in the final days of his life. Although it is rumored that Hitler really had this disease, it was highly unlikely that he died from it due to the fact that Parkinson’s disease does not kill by itself, at least that fast. It is a degenerative disorder that affects motor and speech skills.


Hitler escaped to Antarctica


This one is one of the more fantastic and complete theories. It is said that the Nazis have built a secret base at the South Pole as early as the 1930s. German Navy Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz stated in 1943: “The German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Führer in another part of the world a Shangri-La on land, an impregnable fortress.” This implies that Adolf Hitler was smuggled out of Germany and then safely deposited in a secret (of course) bunker base in Antarctica which was ultimately destroyed by Britain in the 1950s.

More about it


Hitler is in San Diego


Sun-Tzu’s quote “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer” fits perfectly into this theory. Instead of trying to go by unnoticed, this theory leads us to think that the Nazi regime and Adolf Hitler chose to establish a base in San Diego, California, in the U.S. inside a number of buildings interconnected to form the shape of the Nazi swastika. Look at the Seal’s Lair via Google Maps and you will understand why there is such a buzz about it. It is a structure built by the U.S. Navy that is curiously shaped like the Nazi symbol which the Navy has said that they are working to rebuild.

Have a look at it in Google Maps™


Hitler is in Spain


There is another theory reported in the book, "Hitler’s Escape," by Ron T. Hansig. It tells us that Hitler escaped to Spain in April 1945. According to the author, the Russian dictator Joseph Stalin was convinced that the Führer managed to escape. The author makes a solid case on this theory and one of the most incredible revelations is based around the belief that the corpse found in the bunker that day was a double of Hitler and that there was no trace of Eva Braun’s corpse anywhere, disproving the double suicide taken as a fact in almost every historic publication.


Hitler committed suicide


This is not a conspiracy theory, and is actually the only historical fact that we have about Hitler’s death. According to reports, Hitler committed suicide like a rat in one of his bunkers, biting a cyanide capsule and shooting himself in the head, with his wife/long-time mistress Eva Braun Hitler beside him. Aside from the fact that Eva’s devotion is total (to the death!), what happened afterwards was less romantic. After finding out that he was dead, Hitler’s staff immediately began smoking. (their boss hated cigarettes) He was then carried out and burned in the garden. When they saw that his body was not fully destroyed, they just decided to bury him in a bomb crater, hurrying to get away from that site. Of course, because of the constant lies that we have been told in the name of historical fact-we have become less receptive to the facts in history books. Who can blame us though? Conspiracy theories are infinitely more interesting than the real thing and the stories about Hitler’s death are no different.

So, make sure to tell us if you see Hitler and his wife Eva. Remember, though, that if Hitler were really alive today, he would be around 111 years old.